The Thundering Heart of Southern Africa

Internationally renowned as the joint home of the legendary Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia have much to offer the adventure seeking traveller.

Victoria Falls is situated on the border between the two countries where the mighty Zambezi River flowing from Zambia crashes down a near perfectly vertical gorge, resulting in the largest sheet of falling water in the world.  Known locally as the “smoke that thunders” and one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls remains the ultimate bucket list attraction of southern Africa. 


An all year round adventure destination, a visit even in the dry season is impressive with lower water levels opening up white water rafting activities at the foot of the falls on the Zimbabwe side.

Indulge in a helicopter ride or micro flight for a spectacular bird’s eye view over the fabled falls or cruise along with hippos and crocodiles on the Zambezi River when the colours of the sky warm up for the ultimate “golden hour” African sunset.


Combined, the two countries offer incredible raw natural beauty, lush vegetation, abundant animal diversity and the thrill of a true African adventure.


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