An African Tropical Treasure

Picture tropical archipelagos, stunning white beaches, turquoise coloured warm seas complete with palm trees and a coral rich coast.  This is exactly what you can expect to experience from an incentive trip to Mozambique in Southern Africa.


Off the coast of this former Portuguese colony lies Bazaruto, a collection of remote and luxurious private islands in the warm Indian Ocean waiting to be explored.  Between endless beaches of pristine white sand, clear waters and tropical vegetation, you will be transported to a true African island style paradise. 


Enjoy horseback riding along the beaches, discover the seabed full of tropical treasures on a snorkelling expedition or take a dive with the dolphins to truly appreciate the delicate unspoilt marine ecosystems. Adventure activities include dune boarding off the highest sand dunes on the archipelago. Finally, no trip to Mozambique is complete without embarking on a traditional “dhow” safari as you sail through the peaceful waters away into the sunset.


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