Africa’s Best-Kept Secret

Botswana is a paradise for wildlife and home to the renowned Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park and the legendary Kalahari Desert. Rich in mineral resources, especially diamonds, much of the country’s land is still wild, with wide open spaces and pristine nature the order of the day.


Also known as the “Land of the Giants” because of its huge number of resident African Elephants, the largest land mammal with the largest population in the world! Chobe, the country’s flagship National Park is unlike anything you will ever encounter. Brimming with large numbers of wild game, including a large array of hippos, antelopes and hundreds of different bird species, an incentive journey here is bound to leave you speechless.


A large part of Botswana is dominated by the dry Kalahari where the great Okavango River flows into the desert itself, creating the world’s most famous inland Delta area. Enjoy safari game drives in 4×4 vehicles on land or on water in traditional “mokoro” canoes along the river for an up close and authentic experience.


Let yourself be seduced by the exceptional beauty of this wild and untamed natural treasure in the middle of southern Africa!


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